children make me angry

What Do I Do When My Child Upsets Me

Children upset us. Many times. Every day. Sometimes it’s something they do, sometimes it’s something they don’t. There are situations they don’t want to listen to us. Or sometimes even worse – they do things on purpose.  They constantly check our limits. And sometimes it’s not even about limits. Sometimes these are things they just don’t […]

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mother talks to child

When Should You Lie To Your Kids?

Have you ever lied to your children? No, I do not ask whether you hid parts of the truth. We all do this as parents out of a desire to protect our children. It’s not just required, it’s a must. But to lie? This week I came across a post in which someone asked how […]

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hug baby

Hug Your Kids As Much As Possible!

Are you one of these parents who is always hugging and squeezing your children? If the answer is yes, then do not stop doing what you are doing! According to a new study, physical affection during the baby’s developmental period is much more important than many people thought. I already wrote before about how important […]

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