About me

About Anna

Hi, My name is Anna.
I was born in March 1981 in cold Siberia, but most of my life I enjoyed living in sunny Israel. Some years ago, I met a charming Spanish guy, and after marrying him I moved to Spain.
I’d like to apologize in advance – my English is not perfect and full of mistakes, just like my parenting.
But I try my best. In both 🙂

I am a mother of three adorable kids.
Orel ,is my amazing red-head boy from my first marriage.
Gabriel is a blond sweet child, who was born with a rare genetic syndrome (2q37).
And Marina – my beautiful brunette princess.

I’m an economist, working as an analyst in a medical device company.
For my pleasure I’m painting, and writing content for parents in an Israeli magazine , and in this blog.


Serafin and Gabriel
A painting I made (Acrylic on canvas) of my husband and our Gabriel


I’m Writing This Blog For…

Although in pictures everything looks perfect, it’s not. Behind every “perfect” picture with “perfect” smiles, there is a story about a fight you just had with your spouse, or nagging/crying/screaming children that refuse to listen to you, or you falling on your face just a minute ago… But it’s ok! And that’s why I’m writing this blog – to show that nothing and no one is perfect, especially in parenting, and it’s just ok. It’s all normal. We can still enjoy our parenting, and be happy! If everything would be perfect it would be just boring – right?
In this blog I’d like to share with you my parenting experience. The good and the bad. My successes and (mostly) failures. My guilt feelings about my doubtful decisions and actions as a mother, and (sometimes) my achievements, and the things that I’m proud of.
And from time to time, also some tips from what my experience tought me.

You can find here the list of the main topics of my blog (with a short description of each).

I hope you will enjoy this blog.
Will be really glad if you’ll leave me comments and tell me what you think.

Also you can contact me at anna@momandhappy.com

Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. You sound like a really interesting woman. Hope to get to learn from you and your life experience. Good luck with the blog!

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