Recommended Books

There are so many topics within Parenting.

And so many books!

You go to Amazon, you get 243,364 results per search! You just get lost… Now you just need to sit for two hours (or more…) in order to go one by one on the list, read the reviews, and make the choice…

So I want to save you all this time and trouble! 🙂

Here, I chose for you THE BEST books existing on every parenting topic.
Why are they the best? Because:

  • They give you plenty of very useful information.
  • They teach new methods that really work – make parenting much easier, and kids much happier.
  • They are easy and fun to read.

These are all bestsellers that have hundreds and thousands of customer 5 stars ratings and great reviews.
They are great for self-education or as a gift.


As you’ll click on one book’s picture, it will take you to this book on Amazon.

If you read one of the books I suggest below, I would be so happy if you leave a comment in the bottom of the page, telling your personal opinion about it!

Topics List (Click on the topic to jump straight to it)

What To Expect

Positive Discipline


Potty Training

How To Calm Your Baby and Help Him Sleep Without Making Him Cry

Raising Smart Thinking Kids

Easy Fun Activities For Kids and for The Whole Family



Special Needs

The 5 love languages of children and teens

Healing The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity

Gift Ideas

7 thoughts to “Recommended Books”

  1. Hello Anna,
    Really enjoyed your post on the books for kids. You’ve done a great job running the spectrum from little kids to teenagers on a wide variety of topics. This should prove very beneficial to parents out there! To your point there is an overwhelming amount of books out there to choose from, anything you can do to help point out some good ones is greatly appreciated.
    I have 2 daughters, ages 15 & 18. And yes, I’ve lived to tell the tale……so far. I’ve been very lucky and blessed. I have little to complain about them, they are both good girls. I purchased the book “Untangled” a few years ago when our then 13 year old was a bit of a challenge but never got around to reading it.
    I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on your favorite books so far.
    All the best,
    Mat A.

    1. Thank you, Mat!

      My favorite ones on this list are “How to talk so kids will listen, and how to listen so they will talk” and “How to talk so Teenagers will listen, and how to listen so they will talk”.

      These two are definately on the list of the best and most useful books I ever read! 🙂

  2. I really appreciate this post since my daughter just had a little one recently. At Christmas I combed through the best sellers on Amazon for hours looking for books for parents with a 5 star rating! So great service you’re providing here. Also, so happy you included a few on potty training which is where we are now! Thanks again for an informative post.

  3. I always give a big thumbs up to websites with parents and children. Being a parent can be a challenge, a roller coast ride into the unknown and to some a nightmare.

    But it can be a happy memorable experience that gives us comfort us when we get older. I have three adult kids and I have four adorable grandchildren.

    I love them to bits so I did my own website for Dads. Your website is an inspiration. There is no manual to raise kids and your recommended books will help many parents to nurture their kids and enable them to be great Mums and Dads

  4. Great books and recommandations. I didn’t want it to end! The 5 love languages of children and teens is a quick read, well written and engaging. Can’t wait to check out the next book. I likewise suggest to read Barbara James . PS: I like your blog. Thanks

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