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So what are the main topics on my blog?

My Motherhood – Posts about my experience My motherhoodas a mother. My personal stories. The failures, the successes and the lessons I’ve learned. Some of them are funny, some of them are sad, but all of them are honest.


Special Needs Kids – As a mother of a special need child, Gabriel Don't worry be happyI have many things to share on this topic. Hopefully, my personal stories and my personal point of view about raising a special needs kid will help and encourage other parents who face the same situation.


Mom and Happy Tips and Reviews – In this section I’ll tell you about‪child carrier‬‏ my experience with ideas and products I’ve tried. My recommendations and my warnings about all kind of things.


How to Raise Happy Kids – Here I’ll tell you

My boy and I these days (+his little sister)

from my own experience, and also from what I read about what psychologists recommend in order to raise our children to be happy, as kids and as adults later in their life.


Positive Thinking – I believe that happiness is not a destination, but a way of living. Positive thinking is a practice that helps me to feel happy most of the time. And when I’m down, it helps me to encourage myself, and climb up. I think that in order to be a parent, positive thinking is a must. Here I write personal stories that involve this great practice.


Money For mommy – In this category, I place articles about income opportunities for moms (but not only). Additional income, passive income, earning money on the internet, working from home and so on.


My Gratitude Journal – Yep. As it states. This is my personal gratitude journal, where I write every day about the nicest things that happened to me that day. Practicing gratitude makes our life so much better, in so many ways. so here I give you a personal example. Hope you will follow it! 🙂Gratitude Journal NOV2017


Uncategorized – Well… Here I place all kind of things that are none of the other categories…

2 thoughts to “Blog Topics”

  1. Hello,
    Your website is pretty cool. I love that you cover so many topics. I too like to have several topics on mine. I didn’t want to keep it to just one topic or niche.

    I like all your information on down syndrome, you have such a positive outlook on life with down syndrome.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Liz! Actually I’m not talking (only) about down syndrome, but about special needs kids in general. My boy, for example doesn’t have down syndrome, but another syndrome (much more rare than down syndrome).

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