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How to Declutter Kids Toys: Must haves for organization

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We’ve all been there.  Drowning in stuff!  Sometimes the accumulation of all the toys, school papers, half-finished art projects, clothes, blankets—- do I need to continue?  IT’S ALL JUST TOO MUCH STUFF!  You totally know what I’m talking about!  Staying on top the war on clutter can be a full-time job when you have little ones around.  Below I outline my tips for how to declutter kids toys so you feel like you can breath again.  (At least a little!)

First thing first…

You NEED three large tubs.  One for stuff to keep, one for stuff to donate and one for stuff to throw away and then you need to sort like a crazy person!  Next…


I never used to be much of a labeler.  I would always tease my husband when he would take out his label maker and go crazy with it in our house.  He is definitely the organizer in our relationship- not me!  I made fun of him until I realized the power of a label.  

Long ago, before I discovered the power of a container with a label on it, I would spend an entire day sorting through and organizing my kid’s rooms.  At the end of the day they looked like something out of a catalogue.  How long do you think that lasted?  Yep, like 20 minutes.  

A big part of the reason it didn’t last was because I didn’t maintain it.  I would make a designated container for something and then, the next time I was in their room and an item was on the floor I would bend over, pick it up and throw it in whatever basket was close by.  I just can’t seem to bring myself to do that when the basket has a label on it.  It’s really hard for me to throw a Barbie in a container labeled “Legos”.  Without that label, in the Barbie would go and within two days the container would become just another box of random toys.


If you are looking for ease and convenience you want a label maker.  Something like this will work great:

link to label maker pictured

If you want your labels to be a little more stylish, go with chalkboard labels.  They look super cute on bins, jars and baskets:

link to labels pictured

If you go with chalkboard labels, you will need to use a chalkboard marker.  Regular chalk does not work well on these labels.

link to chalk markers pictured

For small dolls, (Barbies, WellieWishers etc…) trucks, trains and small stuffed animals,  I love using an over the door shoe organizer:

link to shoe organizer pictured

Markers, crayons and pencils look super cute in a glass jar with a chalkboard label.  I love this idea because when they are organized in this way it almost looks like decor for the room, having all those colors organized into a beautiful jar on the shelf can really make a statement.

link to jar pictured

Bead boxes are a great way to organize little toys.  They work great for small legos, marbles stickers, hair ties etc…

Link to bead box pictured


For medium and large items that you are looking to get up off the floor, I love to use brightly colored canvas tote bags that are hung on the wall with fun decorative hooks.  This is also a great way to add color to the room!


link to canvas totes pictured

link to fun hooks pictured

You’re Ready!

Having the right tools to organize with can be super motivating.  It makes the job of decluttering feel less like cleaning and more like redecorating which is always way more fun!

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2 thoughts to “How to Declutter Kids Toys: Must haves for organization”

  1. Awesome sharing! I have always wondered how to organize all the stuffs my kids had in their playroom. Things get lost so often only to reappear in places you did not expect it to, if you know what I mean 😉 I love the idea of getting a label maker. It is definitely going to help a lot in organizing the stuffs and knowing where they are. No more rummaging around for things! Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. You are so welcome! It seems like such a simple idea but for me, labeling has made all the difference in the world! Good luck to you! Keeping the kids things organized can certainly be an uphill battle!

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