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How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Having a special needs child is quite expensive. That’s why I started looking for ways to earn additional income (besides the salary from my full-time job). In this article, I want to tell you how can you make money from home with the affiliate program of Amazon.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of business-marketing partnership between businesses and affiliates (partners in the promotion of sales). The affiliates are responsible for attracting customers to the business site through promoting the business website in search engines, through email or social networks. It can be organic or paid promotion. The affiliate partners receive commissions for each action taken by the customers they brought to the business site (eg buying merchandise, filling out registration forms, viewing a certain number of pages, etc.). The seller saves advertising costs by outsourcing advertising to other sites that display his advertisements in exchange for advertising fees.

The affiliate gets an affiliate link – it’s a unique link specific to this person only. When someone buys through this link, the business pays the commission to the person, to which the link belongs.

The buyer, on the other hand, gets the exact same price through the affiliate link, as he would get buying straight from the business.

The first affiliate marketing campaign was launched in 1996 by Amazon. Amazon currently operates over 900,000 affiliates.

Why Amazon?

Since Amazon mainly sells physical (tangible) products and the choice is so huge, it has some advantages for Internet marketers:

  • The possibility of finding a niche with very low to zero competition is still quite large, assuming you do not give up too quickly on market research. This means that you have a pretty good chance of getting into Google’s first places in a relatively short time (a few months).
  • People tend to trust the purchase of physical products on the Internet in general and Amazon in particular. So they will be happy to get a “recommendation” through your site to buy the product on Amazon (and thus you earn a commission).
  • The Amazon shopping process is very user-friendly, so many people tend to buy additional products they did not intend to buy in the first place. For you as marketers, there is another significant advantage that will be explained in the next section.
  • Unlike other networks, on Amazon, you as an affiliate, can profit from every sale you make. In other words, even if you have a website on the subject of computer games, and someone enters Amazon through your site (with an affiliate link, of course) and bought a completely different product (a washing machine, for example) – you will still earn a commission on it! Just because the initial entrance was through your affiliate link. (Amazon also has products that cost thousands of dollars so there is the potential to generate decent fees even if you set up a site for products that cost $10).

It is all very good, but it’s important to make it clear that just like anything, there is no magic. This is not a “get rich fast” method, or a “get rich” at all… It certainly can help you to pay the bills and live better, but you need to work for it. Just like any other site, a site that markets Amazon products requires keyword research, content writing, link building and so on. Here you can get a bunch of tutorials on how to do all of these.

How much money can you make?

Okay, so the answer to this question is derived from a number of factors:

  • What products do you sell?
  • How many products do you sell per month?
  • Your marketing/promotion capabilities


Here are the Amazon Fee Rates by Product Categories (2018):

Amazon Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories

How do you start?

Okay, so you decided to set up and market Amazon products – great!

First thing – you need a website. Why? Because the registration for the Amazon Affiliate Program requires you to enter a URL of a site you own. Your website does not have to be related to Amazon or Amazon products, but it is advisable to have an already ready site.

If you already have a website targeted to a particular audience that has the potential to buy physical products, you might be able to combine some affiliate links of Amazon products and earn commissions.

However, it is highly recommended to build a site based on a specific niche with the sole purpose of selling Amazon products. Once you understand the principle, you will be able to set up dozens of sites that will work for you, and in your quest will bring you respectable amounts of money almost on autopilot.

You must carefully search for a niche + products while doing deep keyword research. You need to make sure you are entering a high-scoring field in organic search engine results.

I will not go into details here on how to do keyword research because it is a whole practice. I will just say that this is a super-critical stage and if it is not done correctly, it could lead to a failure of the project. That’s why I strongly recommend investing the time needed to properly research your keywords.

A very convenient platform for building multiple websites, doing keyword research, and getting a great support in everything that is related to affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. This is basically a very active community of Affiliate Marketers. Many people to learn from. Also, you can find there a huge array of tutorials on any topic related to site building, SEO, and affiliate marketing. You also have there practical tools to build and manage websites. If you want to read more about it, and about other methods, I tried in order to earn money in addition to my salary, you are welcome to read about it here.

After you’ve built a site, you can register for Amazon affiliate program:

3 steps to set up Amazon products site to bring you money

1. Niche Search

If you are a beginner or do not have crazy promotion abilities, you should stay away from products like iPhones, laptops, and so on. The competition is too high and your chances of getting into this niche are pretty slim.
Something that can always help is simply to think about a topic close to your heart and try to search for products in the field, assuming, of course, that this is not too competitive niche and that their price will be worth the trouble. For example, if you like to do fitness, I would try to look for products related to the subject, such as treadmills. As soon as you enter a specific category on Amazon, you will be surprised to find out more and more similar products you might not even know existed (dog treadmill?). The way from here to choosing a winning niche can be quite short …
Simple statistic says that the more Amazon sites you have, the more likely one of them will be your winning lottery ticket. Well, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but you get the point. Start with few sites in parallel while each one of them focuses on different products.
In general, it is recommended to combine relatively expensive products ($ 100 and more) with cheap products. The reason for this is that the large products will bring you good commissions and the small products will increase your sales by making people enter Amazon through your affiliate links.

2. Select products

After choosing a niche, you need to choose products. How will you know what to choose? Here are some rules that you should stick to when choosing products:

  1. Not too cheap – a price of at least $ 100, so you can actually earn some decent commission. On the other hand, not too expensive (over $ 500) for the simple reason that in order to sell very expensive products you need crazy traffic or a lot of luck …
  2. At least 10 positive reviews. First of all, reviews indicate that someone really bought the product. Second, people like to hear opinions as much as possible.
  3. Rating of 4 stars and up. Amazon’s ranking system is based on the 5-star system. When a product has a rating lower than 4 stars, chances are that something is wrong here …
  4. Best Sellers. The Amazon site navigation may be a bit threatening at first – nevertheless, it is a site with millions of indexed pages. However, their navigation system can greatly help us as marketers who are looking for hot products to sell. One option is to use the Best Sellers button.
    In this case, Amazon is “spoon feeding” us, and just gives us the most important information and which products are best sold on the site under a specific category. Surprisingly, some products with a medium rating (3 stars) can be found under this filter. Stick to the 4+ stars because chances are you will send potential buyers from your site directly to the Amazon product page and not sure they will know if it is considered a “Best Seller”.

Therefore, the simple formula of $ 100 + at least 10 positive reviews + Bestsellers+ at least 4 stars = a winning strategy.

3. Design your site

One of my favorite ways is to create a very specific site that focuses exclusively on Amazon products under a specific niche. The contents of the site are actually reviews of those products that have a common denominator.

This strategy is also good for the SEO because search engines (Google for that matter) identify a repetitive use of keywords that are relevant to a particular topic. Of course, like anything else, it is not worth exaggerating. If you abuse too much on the same keywords this method will no longer work… Write (or order) content for your surfers and not for the search engines.

In most Amazon sites, it is easy to identify certain product review patterns that are quite repetitive on all pages. It should be noted that it is worth playing with the content structure, a combination of images/widgets provided by Amazon and other elements, and tracking the conversions, in order to eventually reach the winning formula of optimal page structure that will be best for you.

A particular page structure can fit into a specific product but will not fit into another product, so be flexible because it will pay off.

So although there is no uniformity on this subject, I will still offer you a basic structure of a review page on Amazon product, which you can change as you wish:

A. A brief overview of the product + image (required!). A few short sentences about the product you are reviewing. They should highlight its greatest advantages and give the reader a reason why he should continue reading.

B. Product advantages. Not all people like to scroll down or have the patience to read long articles. That’s why it is advisable to organize the greatest advantages of the product in a brief and neat way, preferably using bullet points that make an order in the eye of the reader.

C. Weaknesses. Yes, we want to maintain a certain level of “objectivity,” so I do not recommend overly cheering/encouraging. Criticise, but do it in a way that the review is more or less balanced with a slight tendency to favor the product. Choose small disadvantages that a specific product has. For example – a relatively high price.

D. Summary paragraph. Perhaps the most important part of your review. This paragraph must include a call to action where you ask the user most explicitly, to click on the link to purchase/read more details about the product. If possible, it will be very helpful to combine a benefit if the user decides to buy the product now (a discount of Black Friday, for example).
An example for a call to action: “Click here to buy this book now at a very attractive price, and you will learn how to make $100 a day through the internet in no time!”

E. You can combine additional elements on your page like video, more images and so on. There are products that need demonstration/visualization. In these cases, videos can greatly help your conversions. Of course, a combination of Like / Twit / +1 buttons can also help. The most important thing is to be dynamic. Don’t be stuck with the same specific structure of a page, but play with it and track the changes.


Well, I think that’s enough for a start.

I hope you liked the article and found it useful. If so, please leave a comment and share it with others.

Good Luck!! 🙂

Anna Riabzev

Hi, My name is Anna. I'd like to apologize in advance, my English is not perfect and full of mistakes, just like my parenting. But I try my best. In both :-) I am a mother of three adorable kids. Orel, is my amazing red-head boy from my first marriage. Gabriel is a blond sweet child, who was born with a rare genetic syndrom (2q37 - to those who would like to google it). And Marina - my beautiful brunette princess. Although in pictures everything looks perfect, it's not. But it's ok! If everything would be perfect it would be boring - right? In this blog I'd like to share with you my parenting experience. The good and the bad. My successes and failures. The things that cause me guilt feelings, and the things I'm proud of. I hope you will enjoy this blog. Will be really glad if you'll leave me comments and tell me what you think. Have a great day! :)

10 thoughts to “How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program”

  1. Thanks for this great information. I have a basic site up and added a few Amazon products but I was not paying attention to the star system. In fact I mistakenly thought the opposite, that if it was more obscure than people would want to find out about it. I think your idea is better, to promote the things that are already popular because that proves they can be successful. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Doug 🙂
      Yep, most of the people go on the “safe side”. The leading thought is: “If the product is successful among other people, it will probably be good also for me.”
      I’m glad you liked the article!
      Good luck!

  2. I have seen people in different forums talk about how they were making money with the Amazon affiliate program.

    Your post explains it very well I will give this a try based on what I learned here.

    Can you give me an idea of how long it would take to start generating income once I get set up as an Amazon affiliate?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Well, it depends on how much time you invest in this thing, which products you sell, and also your marketing skills play a role.
      Usually, it takes around 3 months until you start getting some money. but again, it all depends on the factors I’ve mentioned before.

  3. I find this article very informative about getting started making money in their affiliate program. The small amount of time it takes to fill out the application and there are so many products to choose from on Amazon it’s hard not to find something to sell. I have found Amazon a very good place for selling fly fishing gear of all kinds from rods and reels,line,waders vests and just about anything else a fisher person might need, and all in one place, usually at a very good price. New items come out every year and Amazon is right there with the most current equipment. I will have to pay more attention about the star rating as I had never considered that a factor and the Best Buy button can be very helpful in making the sale. Commissions are not the highest but with so many up sells it is well worth the time. Good all around information in this article and a good start to making money even for beginners.

  4. You mentioned that making money through amazons affiliate program is not a get rich quick kind of thing and that work needs to be put in. Exactly how much work needs to be put in before you start making extra money to pay bills? How much work is it going to take to make it a full time income?

    1. Hi Jessie,
      Usually, in the beginning, you will need to put A LOT of work, and you will earn nothing – because this is putting the foundation. You need to build a website, to do a market research in order to see which products are the best to sell, to do keyword research and write content – which is quite time-consuming, and then try to market your site, which is also not so easy. If you want me to put the number of hours as an answer to “Exactly how much work needs?”- then I would say around 50 hours all together. then, of course, you need to continue working on writing content and marketing your site in order to bring traffic.
      Usually, it takes around 3 months until you start getting some money. How much until you get to a full income number? It might take one year or a bit more. But again, it all depends on how much time and effort you invest in your site. I know people that started to earn money from the first month, and by 6 months had a full income.
      Good luck!!

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