5 Best Education Tips for Parents

I already wrote before about Positive Discipline, which is the best method to discipline your kids without yelling or punishing. As a continuation, in this article, I’d like to share with you five practical tips for educating children that we can all implement at home. 1. Educate the boy in his own way You don’t […]

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Caring For Baby When You’re Sick

Caring for baby when you’re ill is hard. Being poorly sucks. Being poorly and pregnant, sucks too. But being poorly, pregnant, and having a 1 year old running around your home is a nightmare. Making bottles, changing nappies, trying to play, it’s just all too much.  I spent an hour crying whilst my son was having […]

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mother crying

From the Diary of a Crappy Mother

Yesterday I broke down and cried. “I’m a crappy mother! Why did I make all these kids?! I’m not good at this!”. Many times I feel like this. I feel like parenting is not for me. So much responsibility, while I’m such a childish person. So little freedom and time to myself. I need to […]

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7 wrong parenting perceptions

7 Parenting Perceptions that are WRONG

We all wish sometimes that children would come with instructions. Parenting is so hard and complicated. We try to read, we consult with family and friends, but mostly we just follow our parent’s example, which is not always a good one. Not because they are bad parents, but just because, neither did you come with […]

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